Training Postpartum Clients

Hosted by Pre- and Post-natal Fitness by Jen Curtis

As the leading expert in post-natal fitness in Israel, I'm offering a 3-week course that consolidates my knowledge to date on how to both help women heal AND get great results in fitness, recovery and aesthetics.



- Intro and overview of the course​
- Priorities​, structure and rationale
- Common mistakes and misconceptions
- What does "holistic" mean
- Theory "Issues and Tissues": Anatomy of the core and what they don't teach you at Wingate​
- "The Big Three" major issues associated with pregnancy and childbirth​: diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction and pain
- The big no-no's; or, "how not to make it worse"
- What YOU can make better
- What you NEED to pass on to a physiotherapist

- Breathing: Assessment and Correction
- Posture: Assessment and Correction
- Mobility - why is no-one assessing mobility!? What is full, healthy range of motion, and how do we make it happen?
- "Safe" "core" exercises and when enough is enough​
When? Why? How? Who? What?​

- Strength training
- Exercise selection​
- Technique first
- How heavy? 
- Conditioning - how and when to get the heartrate high, without causing damage/while continuing to HEAL​
- Steady-state cardio - How to enable the client to exercise WITHOUT YOU
- Programming: Putting it all together

- What kind of trainer do you want to be?
- Tips and ideas on how to run your business, talk to clients and marketing.
- How to be authentic in your business
- What issues, difficulties and obstacles do you face in doing honest work?
- The psychology of training postpartum women





Date: Starting Monday 21 May and continuing every Monday for 3 weeks, with an extra week to discuss course content, and how to apply your knowledge to a business setting. The last day of the course will be Monday 11 June. 

Time: 1-3pm, but this time is flexible depending on availability within the group.

Early Bird Discount (on or before April 21): 800nis
General price (between April 22-May 6): 850nis
Late entrance (on or after May 7): 900nis

Location: TBC - somewhere in JERUSALEM - please talk to Leora if you would like to host (discount offered)

I would like to offer to all participants of the course the opportunity to come to a fifth and final session where we will address pregnancy fitness considerations. This will be a 3-hour workshop the Monday following the final session, probably at the same time and place (TBC). Please let Jen know if you are interested in this final session. (Price also TBC)

A bit about what this course is about:

Many trainers have approached me in the past couple of years, either wanting to know how to help their clients who have gotten pregnant, or disappointed with the content of certification courses that they have completed.

They feel that they didn't get anything concrete and workable, that it was outdated or too conservative.

Some are just totally confused and overwhelmed by the amount of information out there.

Most want to have a baby themselves one day and want to know what will be best for them during this time.

We've learnt a lot about the function and structure of the core in the last few decades. The truth is, we still don't have all the answers, but the guidelines thrown around are not always up-to-date with the research that is moving fast. 

For the most part, the debate on what to do during pregnancy and postpartum is reduced to "only walk and do pre-natal yoga" or "you can do EVERYTHING you did before" - for most women, the truth is often somewhere in the middle, but it is ALWAYS highly individualized.

This is an exciting time to be a part of this growing industry, and there is a HUGE need for GREAT pre- and post-natal trainers in this country. 

There are too many trainers that don't know what to do, and give terrible advice, ruining women's bodies.

​And there are just as many trainers that are far too conservative, keeping women from doing anything that will get them results.

If you would like to learn 
- about the grey area
- how to assess postpartum issues
- design excellent programmes that address the needs of the INDIVIDUAL,
- how to make women STRONGER, SAFELY
- how to work around (and maybe even improve) pelvic floor issues
- how to heal diastasis recti
- to design realistic, enjoyable, challenging workouts for postpartum women
- a holistic approach that includes not just fitness, but breathing, alignment and psychology...

...then this course is for you! 

For more information or to show an expression of interest contact us here!

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