Important tips to get back in shape after Purim


Now that Purim is over and we all have had our share of alcohol for the year, let's discuss alcohol and fitness! Does alcohol consumption affect strength, fat loss and muscle recovery?


On the positive side, there are studies that show that a glass of wine a day improves our insulin sensitivity along with other health benefits.

So what negative affects does alcohol have on our body?


Studies have shown that people who drink alcohol on a consistent basis take in more daily calories due to their alcohol consumption, BUT
it did not lead to excess weight gain since just alcohol itself can not be stored as fat!

However, all the junk food eaten while intoxicated can cause weight gain along with sugary additives to the alcohol (yes drunchees adds up)

So it is not necessarily the alcohol that causes weight gain, it's all the junk food and sugars consumed along with it.


So if you still want to enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage and avoid excess weight gain try the following.


1. Avoid sugary laden drinks like cocktails and liquors. Try to stick too dry red wine or gin/vodka and other pure spirits.



2. Avoid eating high fatty foods with the alcohol.


3. Have a nutritious snack ready for when you do get that tipsy craving, 
try edamame or veggies


So to drink or not to drink?!

If you're not a drinker then definitely don't start!


If you're drinking occasionally and don't get hungover or notice any other side effects then try to not increase that level of alcohol consumption.

By following the above tips , you can ensure your occasional drink won't affect your workouts, muscle growth, or fat loss.


But wait!

What if I enjoy getting plastered every holiday, weekend or just love my 10 beers every night routine?
Well if you do so then you're definitely going to have trouble building muscle, being productive, waking up in the morning and remembering who you are.

In summary, drink responsibly and you won't regret your choices!


Feel free to comment below on your experiences with alcohol consumption and how it affected you!




Author: Sean loves helping people be happy and look great. He is pursuing a degree in physical education and was a trainer in the IDF for an elite unit. Sean enjoys working with people with special needs as he has always believed they can be like anyone else. He specializes in:  powerlifting, weightlifting, Spinning, TRX, Injury rehabilitation and recovery.


To learn more about Sean or book session click here. 







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