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Can exercise help us maintain a healthy spine?

February 25, 2018


Hi, my name is Tyron Waters, and as a Chiropractor I believe it is essential to maintain a healthy spine. This is because its nerves, muscles, tendons and ligaments give support to the entire body. Studies have shown that over 80% of the population will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives and it is one of the most common reasons for visiting a doctor.


I would love to share with you some tips for helping to maintain a healthy spine.


Top Chiropractic tips for a healthier spine:


  • Exercise Regularly


The best exercises for your back include aerobic and core exercises as well as stretching of all the muscles. These are important for maintaining a healthy weight and strong joints and muscles to support your spine and body.


  • Maintain a Healthy Diet


This will give you the proper nutrients to repair your body and prevent excessive weight gain that puts extra stress on your joints, muscles and ligaments.


  • Stay Hydrated


Your vertebral discs are made up of a majority of water. Dehydration can result in disc degeneration and herniated discs.


  • Lift Correctly


When lifting, it is important to face and stand as close to the object as possible and use your legs and knees to bend down and pull the object up instead of your back. Never twist your back while lifting and get help if the object feels too heavy.


  • Correct Posture When Sitting and Standing


Standing and sitting up straight is very important. It is vital to move around and not stay in one position for too long which results in poor posture and tight muscles. Ergonomic solutions must be sort out especially at the office.


  • Sleep Properly


Sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees and a supportive cushion reduces pressure on your back. Sleeping on your back puts more stress on your back but can be reduced with a pillow under your knees. Lying on your stomach should be avoided as it twists your neck.


  • Wear Backpacks, purses and Wallets Correctly


Carry your backpack over both shoulders to keep the weight distribution balanced. A purse should be alternated between both shoulders so as not to overload one side. Do not keep your wallet in your back pocket when sitting and/or driving.


  • Consult Your Health Professional


Listen to your body. If you are suffering from chronic pain or stress then consult your health professional and don’t delay.




Dr Tyron Waters is an experienced Chiropractor in Jerusalem. He uses an array of innovative methods and techniques to assist his patients with pain prevention and management, as well as rehabilitation of their bodies. He has a strong belief in educating his patients on how to be more aware of their bodies and live a healthier lifestyle.



Contact Details:

  • 1 Elmaliakh Street, Jerusalem (Jerusalem Tennis Center)

  • 058-5888345

  • drtyronwaters@gmail.com

  • www.jlmchiro.co.il

  • www.facebook.com/drtyronwaters




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