More great pre-wedding advice from our BRIDE TO BE trainer.

December 3, 2017

The best way to be healthy, happy and absolutely


stunning on your wedding day: 


1. Adopt the attitude that every little bit counts. For instance, eat one less slice of cake on Shabbat, do calf raises while waiting for the bus, instead of missing your workout because you’re late, do something short and quick – even 7 minutes of high intense exercise can boost your metabolism, burn calories and reduce your body fat levels. When you adopt this attitude, all the little bits add up to one big result!


2.Be your own biggest cheerleader. This point follows on from tip no.1, when you do something good for your health, even something tiny, congratulate yourself and acknowledge it .This way your health and fitness journey becomes fun and positive.


3. Drink a big glass of warm lemon water every morning. I do this first thing every morning and I find it revs up my metabolism, starts my digestive system, wakes me up and clears my skin. I’m addicted to how good it makes me feel in the morning – sometimes it’s the only thing that gets me out of bed!


4. Step away from the mirror, and think about how you feel. Close your eyes, and take a moment now to think about how you feel. Are your stomach muscles clenched and tight from stress, do you feel a little bloated and uncomfortable from your last meal? I find all my clients who come to me wanting to look a certain way, inevitably change their goals to focus on feeling great in their bodies. You are more likely to keep exercise as a regular part of your routine if you focus on exercise making you feel good rather than look good. Plus, when you feel good, you look beautiful (unfortunately, it doesn’t always work the other way round)!


5.Turn away from your screen, take a deep breath and look outside or at nature for 2 minutes. Stress and anxiety leading up to a wedding is inevitable, but even a small act such as this can help you to reduce feeling overwhelmed. It sounds mundane but trust me, it’s worth a try!


6. When all else fails, do a HIIT session. Tired? Anxious? Bloated? Just feeling yuck? Do a High Intensity Interval Training session, even something low impact for as little as 6 minutes, and you will feel instantly more awake, more at ease and more comfortable in your body.



How long before the wedding day should brides and bridesmaids start training?

As early as possible! Thinking of starting tomorrow? Do it today! Call a trainer on and start your sessions immediately.


What does a typical healthy eating day look like for brides and bridesmaids?

The answer to this question varies for every woman, as we need to take into account a wide range of factors including body types, activity levels, age, muscle mass, food intolerances etc. However, a good general rule to stick by is eating lots of raw or lightly cooked vegetables, fruit and unprocessed whole foods. Brides and Bridesmaids are welcome to get in touch with me personally if they would like a personalised meal plan leading up to the big day.


What’s the best exercises to do if you want to look your best on the big day? 

I believe full body HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the most effective way to get in shape for the big day. HIIT refers to short intervals (less than a minute) of high intense exercise with the whole workout lasting for 10 - 25 minutes. Exercises will target the entire body and this form of exercise burns fat, boosts the metabolism, tones your whole body and leaves you feeling energised. There’s no need to work out for hours to get the body you want. As long as you’re eating properly and doing HIIT, you are guaranteed to feel great and get the body you want.


What are the main benefits brides get from training before their wedding?

Aside from looking amazing, you will FEEL AMAZING! It doesn’t matter how many people tell you that you are beautiful on your big day, if you don’t FEEL beautiful everything feels off. Above all, you want to feel beautiful on your big day, so moving your body is the way to go. As a bride to be myself, I plan on doing a workout before I start my wedding day with hair and makeup. I couldn’t imagine not doing it; exercise clears my head, reduces my stress and anxiety, makes me feel good and allows me to handle any last case emergencies calmly.


How do brides stay motivated to not put more weight on after the wedding or let things go back to how they were? 

Any bride that works with me will establish a routine and habits that are sustainable and designed for the long term. I don’t believe in training like a maniac leading up to the big day, instead I know how to get you to your potential and along the way I’ll teach you to train effectively and efficiently in a small amount of time so that you can continue these practices for the rest of your life. All you need is 20 minutes a day and you are set!



What's your best advice to brides looking to use their wedding as extra motivation to improve their health and wellness?

Don’t be too hard on yourself, focus on how you feel (rather than how you look), and let’s get started!



Leora lives and works in Jerusalem. Leora takes a holistic approach to health and wellness;  she is an avid yogi but also loves a tough HIIT session.  She believe in the power of good nutrition, managing stress and other lifestyle factors to achieve the best results. Take a read of all the amazing comments her clients have posted about her and book a session today here. 

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