Raaya- "Every change starts with a step"

Trainer: Personal fitness trainer and happy life coach

Location: Jerusalem

Accreditation: Sports Academy. Happy Life coaching Course. 




From an early age, sports was a big part of my life. My two older brothers made sure I knew how to kick a soccer ball and throw a baseball while my friends played with dolls. My name is Ra'aya Ben David; my parents made Aliyah and I was lucky enough to be born in Israel. I have been an athlete from the age of 5 and sports has always had and still has a big impact on who I am and who I choose to be. Playing on a team taught me how to be a teammate, to start cheering from the sidelines when one of my teammates was down. It taught me that the best way to lift my own spirit when I felt discouraged was by encouraging another teammate.  And it taught me to see others even when I wasn’t doing well, to take responsibility, and to be committed since I knew that for a team to be strong, each player has to give their 100% (since if someone is being less than his/her best – someone else must pick up the slack). Being a girl on the National Israeli (all boys') Baseball team at the age of 12 strengthened the lesson my brothers and my father taught me when I was young – girls can do whatever they put their mind to (even influencing a boy to leave the team after he became embarrassed when I beat him in a speed race!!). After winning a bronze medal in the European cup in baseball that summer, I decided to shift sports and move on. I was recruited for the National Women's Flag Football team and flew to tournaments around the world throughout my high school years. I was one of the younger players on the team and I worked hard to prove myself and to juggle studying, tests, and the intense practices during the week. When I graduated, I attended a pre-army religious program for Jewish studies and after a year enlisted in the education corps of the IDF.  After being a commander in a base in northern Israel for soldiers from challenged backgrounds, I went to the officers' course. I served for 3 years and upon completing my Army service, I trained and studied to receive my official certification to be a personal trainer and to be able to share my knowledge, experience, and passion about sports and exercise with others.

During the course I rejoined the National Football team for one last World Championship in Miami. When I returned from the tournament, I worked for a year as a counselor in a pre-army program for religious girls, helping them prepare for the Army mentally and physically.

During the year I took a course in Happy Life Coaching; I believe life coaching and personal fitness training have a lot in common and I integrate that approach into the work that I do with each client. Today I live in Jerusalem and study in the liberal arts college – "Shalem Institute".


I believe in combining sports and coaching in order to become and help others become happier, more authentic and closer to themselves and their dreams. I am waiting to work with you and help you achieve your goals and dreams, all you have to do is make one phone call and be ready to work hard and kick some butt.There is no better feeling in the world then dragging yourself out of bed in the morning, working out and being ready for a great day when everyone around you is just getting up – and your full of energy since you already conquered your goal for the day! You matter! You're important! 

Speciality Areas:







Agility and strength


Weights and gym


Speed and aerobic




Location: Jerusalem – Arnona Talpiot, outdoor

Times available: Sunday-Friday morning 6:00-6:45, 6:45-7:30

Cost of each session: 150 nis

Discount packages: 5 pack – 700 nis, 10 pack – 1350 nis




Location: Jerusalem – Arnona Talpiot, outdoor

Times available: Sunday-Friday morning 6:00-6:45, 6:45-7:30

Cost for each session per person: 125 nis

Discount packages : 5 pack – 575 nis, 10 pack – 1100 nis

(*To secure this great deal book now and only pay the deposit and pay the rest directly to your trainer after your first session)



    150.00 ₪Price

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