Natalie - "Womens strength trainer & pre and postnatal specialist"


My Speciality area is strength training for postpartum mums. I train women in strength training which includes weightlifting, endurance, mobility, pre-hab as well as rehab excercises.

I'm also a CrossFit coach.



I became passionate about fitness when I felt what it can do not only to your body but also to your mental strength and confidence. 


I think women are always pressured to work out because we need  to look a certain way - loose these extra kilos, fit into those jeans or bounce back to our pre baby body.


My Looks and how I was perceived was all that mattered when I began this journey into fitness- when I started lifting weights I started to truly understand the meaning of connecting my body and my mind; the empowering feeling of strength and confidence. Instead of bouncing back after having kids to my pre baby body I began to walk forward and get strong! My Passion is to pass this love on to other women and show them what this strength and confidence looks like from within.



1 hour personal training session is 200 shekels per session



Client's home, or outdoors in parks close by to clients home. Whatever fits their needs and is convenient



Sunday - Thursday and Friday Mornings


Group Training:

All group training sessions are 1 hour.
1. Group training of 2 people is 250 shekel
2. Group of 3 people is 300 shekel
3. Group session of max 4-5people up to 475shekel
These group sessions are created by demand and will fit our desired times for our convenience.

    200.00 ₪Price

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