Loni- " Staying fit and healthy is easier that you think!"

"Loni is an expert motivator! Her knowledge goes way beyond that of the trainers I have come across in Israel. She remains updated on the latest techniques on a global scale, yet she is personable, responsible, and always on time! I will not use anyone else."


- Carrie Yomtov



Location: Yad Binyamin, Beit Shemesh, Modiin, Gedera,Jerusalem Training



Sunday to Tuesday 9:00-15:00.

Wednesday 9:00-13:00


Areas of Specialization:

1. Exercise for Functional Training
2. Postpartum Corrective Training (Diastasis, prolapse ...)
3. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
4. Breathing and Posture Training
5. Therapeutic Training (COPD, Parkinson’s, High BP...)
6.  Muscle Activation (Be Activated)



June 1999 -Fitness Instructor -National (Canadian) Fitness Leadership Advisory Committee (N.F.L.A.C.) and YM_YWHA of Montreal (nationally recognized)

Feb 2001-Personal Trainer -N.F.L.A.C. and YM-YWHA

June 2007 - Personal Trainer Level 2, Corrective Conditioning -N.F.L.A.C. and the Y

June 2011-Training the Medical Client-YMYWHA

October 2013-Be Activated (Muscle Activation) -Levels 1 and 2- Douglas Heel January 2018 -Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist-Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall, PT,DPT,CPT,CNC


About me: I am a devoted wife and mother of 7 BH, involved in my community, as well as being a personal trainer who loves her chosen vocation. I made Aliya the summer of 2016 from Montreal, Canada, where I worked in the Therapeutic Fitness Department of the YM-YWHA, as well as training private clients and teaching group fitness classes. I have always been active from a young age, starting with sports, moving to aerobics and weights in college, and always making exercise a part of my life. For me, exercising and being active is like eating and drinking.


My passion for exercise has extended to the many clients I have helped throughout my 20 years in the fitness industry.


I started out my career teaching group classes, then studied personal training because of my desire to learn more and I haven't stopped learning, whether taking higher level courses or workshops or even reading articles, updates and research in the field. When I started my postpartum course with a desire to help myself, I discovered a new passion to help mothers, to empower them with the knowledge and skills to take back their life.


I have always brought my expertise to my clients and my clients value the attention and care I put in assessment and exercise execution and my ability to look at the whole person in order to personalize and tailor programs to address their needs. I love and feel blessed being in a profession that helps women to achieve their goals, to improve their quality of life and move and feel better throughout their day.


Personal Training sessions:

Private- 1 person. 1 Hour-250-300 NIS, (depending on location),200 NIS in my home.

PT Training private 2-4 Persons 1hour- 175 NIS per person.

Purchase 10 sessions in advance-11th is free. Complimentary phone assessment (15 min) for first time clients.



"I am a lifelong athlete, and physical therapist and I have never trained with anyone on Loni's level.  She has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the human body.  Her knowledge span is enormous, and ranges from breathing to pelvic floor exercises to stretching to muscle re-training. Her training session are dynamic, intense and never boring.  I often recommend my patients follow up with Loni after discharging them from therapy."

- Caryn Oberman


"Loni Kupferberg, is a very caring, knowledgeable, and insightful personal trainer. I have worked with her for quite a while and have had success in reaching and maintaining my fitness goals.She is very understanding, hands on, and has made exercising fun with various programs and interesting options. She is always learning and providing fitness, health, eating, menu tips and suggestions."



"Working with Loni Kupferberg as a trainer was one of the best self-care investments that I have made!  With a personal and professional approach, Loni provided an achievable and custom training schedule. She helped me reach my goals while keeping the sessions engaging and challenging.  Through the training process, I discovered how I was taking advantage of my day-to-day physical activities.  I learned the importance of proper breathing and posture and that there are optimal and achievable ways to do both."


- Ammi Dorevitch


"Loni was a phenomenal trainer. I worked with her in preparation for a marathon focusing on core strengthening and breathing techniques. Loni was not only extremely knowledgeable but meticulous about developing and tweaking a training plan suited specifically to my needs. Loni challenged me to push to a new level of fitness always providing me with a clear understanding of the purpose and strategy for obtaining my goal and consistently checking in and following up on my progress. Loni is both extraordinarily professional and caring. I was thrilled with the opportunity to train with her and continue to benefit from our work together."


- Rachel Levine



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