Leora-Specializing in women's health and fitness. HIIT. Yoga. Strength Training'


"Leora’s workouts provide me with a weekly butt kicking workout! I leave the class sweating and tired and extremely proud of myself for getting through it each time. She always comes prepared with a new workout each week, so nothing feels repetitive, and she clearly puts time, thought and energy into preparing each session for us. Leora has a fun-loving, motivational, positive, energetic approach, while making sure that we are working hard each and every class."

- Victoria, late 20s


Women's Trainer: Yoga (Vinyasa flow and Yin), HIIT, Strength Training, Pre and Post Natal Training. 

Location: Jerusalem


Certificate III & IV in Fitness           Australian Institute of Personal Trainers (2013)

Level 1 Cycle Instructor                Cycle Excel (2013)

Spin Power Cycle Instructor          Spin Power (2018)

PunchFit Boxing Instructor            PunchFit  (2014)

TRX  Suspension Trainer              TRX Training (2014)

Senior First Aid & CPR                  St John’s Ambulance Australia (2014)

AXLE Accrediated Trainer             AXLE (2018)


Experience:  7 years



I’m a high energy, super friendly and enthusiastic trainer. My classes and sessions are renowned for being a little tougher than your average trainer (or so I’m told by my clients!) but they also extremely engaging and creative – they’re a little different every time so you won’t get bored!


I have a holistic approach to health and wellness. When I take on clients, I consider their lifestyle factors, as well as their training approach. I believe there are benefits to all styles of training (hence why I teach high intense classes and yoga!), but I believe it’s also important to consider their nutrition, sleep patterns, stress levels, work hours and any other relevant lifestyle factor to deliver the best service for them.


I specialise in: 




Pre and Post-Natal

Strength Training



1 hr session of your choosing

Training Area: client’s home (or a discussed location).

Times available: Sunday – Thursday 6:30am- 7:30pm.





Group: Bootcamp or yoga class.

Location: To be arranged

Times: Sunday – Thursday 6:30am- 7:30pm.

Cost: 2-12ppl- group session cost 250NIS




Special discount price - 550nis for 3 sessions per week



I've been working with Leora for over 4 years now. I have a range of ailments and she is extremely considerate in her session plan of these. Many times she has thoroughly researched my conditions and has provided me with information and training ideas which are new and exciting. Her workouts are always challenging and well suited to my ability. I have seen myself grow stronger and more able under her tuition. She is an absolute pleasure to work with every week.

-Rena, mid 60s


I’ve been training with Leora for about 5 months now. I go to her for a weekly boot camp class, with HIIT-style training. I loved Leora’s class so much that I’ve even gotten multiple friends, who had not previously been working out, to join her class, and they keep coming back for more, week in, week out! I had also been out of training for over a year before starting with Leora. Since then, I feel stronger and more motivated, and recently joined a gym to add more workouts to my weekly routine.

- Nicole, mid 30s


'I look forward to my weekly yoga class with Leora. Being a multiple sclerosis sufferer I am confined to a wheelchair when I leave the house. Yoga exercises enable me to keep my body and muscles flexible. Leora's home visit lessons enable me to partake in the lesson. She always has a smile on her face radiating warmth and hope, and tailors the lesson to my ability and functioning. I know without the yoga I would not be so functional.

- Sarah Dinah



Leora has been working with me for about 6 months. We do a combination of yoga, mediation and strength training including weights. In addition to the exercises that we do, we talk about nutrition and mental health. Leora always has practical and helpful tips. My general physical health has improved much since we started working together, especially my core, leg and arm muscles, and I feel much more energetic in general. It's always a pleasure when we meet. Leora always arrives with a smile and even takes interest in my family and everyday worries. I recommend everyone to have a Personal Trainer like Leora. It's a win win experience!

- Yaffa, mid 50s


התחלתי להתאמן לראשונה עם ליאורה עוד באוסטרליה, לפני כמה שנים, וכשהחלטתי לחזור לכושר השנה, הייתי חייבת להתקשר אליה! אנחנו עושות בעיקר אימוני HIIT ויוגה, לפעמים קצת איגרוף ובחודשיים-שלושה שאני איתה אני כבר מרגישה ורואה תוצאות: בשבוע שעבר הצלחתי להיכנס לחצאית שלא עלתה עליי בשנתיים האחרונות! ליאורה היא אישה חייכנית וחיובית, מאמנת סבלנית, מתחשבת אבל גם מאתגרת. ההוראות שלה תמיד ברורות והיא מפרגנת בכיף. מומלצת בחום ואהבה!

- Tal, late 30s


    200.00 ₪Price
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