Juliet- "Together we can do anything!"

Title: Exercise Physiologist.

(15 years experience as a Health Coach and Personal Trainer) 


Location: Jerusalem (Indoor, Outdoor and Home sessions)



6 years university- bachelor of sports science (B.Sc)

6 years in gyms and lifestyle clinics.

2 years at Healthways- health coaching company

3 years as Head Lecturer at Fitness Professionals Academy

6 years running private practise in Australia and Israel. 


I specialise in:

*Dumbell, TRX, Boxing, Elastic and Mat work

*Diabetes management

*MS functional training 

*Teenage girls looking for empowerment and healthy body image

*functional fitness for individuals lifestyles 



Hi, my name is Juliet and I feel so blessed to have been able to help people in various ways with their health and lifestyle over the past 15 years. 


What I'm always most proud of is my scientific yet fun approach to training and coaching people. I make sure each session counts and you walk away with not just a body you are proud of but a mind set that will help you continue maximising your potential. 


If you speak to my clients they would say what they love the most is how much we laugh and fast the sessions feel however I knwo when it comes down to it, the one thing that makes me most proud of my sessions are how much I care about each and every one of my clients. Whether that means staying behind after the session to listen a bit more to what's going on in my clients life or to spend a bit more time showing them exactly how to do something. It could mean doing a bit more research on a new area of interest for a client or thinking of another medical professional who may be able to help them in a way that I can't.


I simply love what I do and I love having more people to share my passion for health and happiness. 


I'm always available to talk things through so please don't hesitate to call. 


Private Training sessions: Outdoor, Studio (plus 50NIS), Clients home

Location: All over Jerusalem

Cost: 200NIS/hour 


Partner Training Sessions: Outdoor, Studio (plus 50NIS), Client's home

Location: All over Jerusalem

Cost: 300NIS/hr


Group Classes: Will begin soon with MISSFIT ACTIVE- pop-up studios in Talpiot and Givat Shaul areas.

Boxing, circuit, functional training. 

Stay tuned: Contact to make enquires.


    250.00 ₪Price

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