Jordana - "Living your best life, mentally, emotionally, and physically strong."

"I trained with Jordana for the last 3 months and I saw improvement not only with my looks and weight, but with how I feel. My energy levels, sleeping better, and more positive were all as a result of 5 days a week of exercising. The workouts were new, innovating, never boring, and varied from day to day, week to week. I highly recommend training with jordana if you're looking for efficient, hard working, and fun workouts!"



2011, physical education degree, University of Maryland
2015, small group and personal training certification, Wingate Institute
2018, personal trainer certification, NASM


About me:

Fitness, sports, and health have always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I lived for playing sports. It was what I dreamt of doing for the rest of my life. What I didn't know at the time was that sports and fitness would transform my life in the best of ways.
We all experience trauma in our lives, some more so than others, and certainly, we react and deal with trauma in different ways. Sports and fitness helped me to regain my focus, my balance, and my patience for others and life in a way I never knew or thought was possible. Sharing my passion for fitness and health with others is something I love doing! Each of us has our own unique story, and if I can help you meet your goals and needs for living a better more positive life, I consider that a win! Let me join you on your journey of finding peace, strength, and happiness!



1) functional fitness

2) circuit training strength and body weight

3) TRX


5) sport specific

6) yoga




5 session package for 850

10 session package for 1800



TLV: your place, the beach, the park, or somewhere in between. Flexible times.


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ג׳ורדנה אומנה אותי במקצועית והשקעה. היא דאגה להוציא אותי מאוזר הנוחות שלי כל פעם מחדש. לא ויתרה לי גם כשהיה קשה וזה שעשה את ההבדל בסופו של דבר. אני מרגישה חזקה יותר חטובה ומלאת אנרגיות אחרי כל אימון. –סיון 


 "Jordana is everything I try to make my life but with a layer of enduring optimism and motivation. I have now gotten to a point where I do not start my mornings without checking her workout/lifestyle feed and it's a nice reminder that I can seize the day with tenacity and fervor. Her tips on how to get a mini workout in any environment is inspiration I need to get up and move-even if it's just increasing my steps. The specific workout routines she has designed are not only challenging but you immediately feel their effectiveness. She carefully crafts workouts aimed at fitting into any lifestyle- whether you are sitting at your office desk, or if you're traveling and want to squeeze in a sweat in your hotel room. Like me, her life is filled with social obligations, puppy-mom duties, work, and the stresses of just trying live a best life, but she still manages to find time to improve her physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health through exercise. She's sincere and authentic- as evidenced by her willingness to share her moments of weakness, vulnerability, and humanity on 'off days,' and I strongly encourage everyone to get a daily dose of Jordana. Go for the workout motivation, stay for the positive vibes." -Eliza


"I am a 37 year old stay at home mom who asked Jordana to put together a workout program for me to tone, strengthen, and regain my confidence in my own abilities. I needed workouts that I could accomplish at home with minimal equipment, and that also fit into my schedule. Jordana listened to my goals, and was able to produce a realistic and challenging series of exercises that hit the target areas I am trying to improve. I appreciate her professionalism, encouragement, and overall attitude towards the importance of bringing fitness into people's lives. I would gladly recommend Jordana to anyone who is ready for a positive change!" -Jeannette


"Jordana will kick your butt and you will be a better person for it. I love how she creates new and innovative circuits each time to keep things interesting. Every workout I do is only 30 minutes but feels like two hours, which tells my body it's getting the exercise it needs and deserves!"


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