Jen- "Pre- and Post-Natal Fitness Specialist"

Trainer: Pre- and Post-Natal Fitness Specialist

Location: Tel Aviv and surrounding areas


Personal Trainer and Fitness Instruction, Wingate Institute - Aug  2015

Pre- and Post-Natal Fitness Instruction,  Campus Siim - Feb 2016

Sport-therapy - Wingate Institute- pending



Hi, I'm Jen. I'm passionate about empowering women to take control of their fitness and health. In particular, I work with mums to recover post-partum, and stay strong during pregnancy. I have developed particular interests in healing from diastasis recti, and building a strength programme around pelvic floor issues like prolapse. 

I believe in strength and mobility as the solid foundation of a well-rounded fitness programme, and in helping women cope better with the physical demands of their life and prevent injury.

I also help women with fat-loss, focusing on understanding the interplay on diet and exercise on health and weight-loss. I focus on helping women understand their bodies, navigate the confusing world of nutrition and fitness and finding strategies that work for them. I am not interested in quick-fix solutions, only long-term, lasting results.


Speciality Areas:

*Pre- and Postnatal Training, including: diastasis, prolapse, pelvic floor dysfunction.
*Women's health, including: nutrition, fat-loss, strength training. 


Private Training Options : training for 3 main categories -


1. Before children (usually focusing on fat-loss, strength, or both),

2. During pregnancy (focusing on health and strength)

3. Post-partum (focusing on building strength and progressing back into fitness.


Location:  CrossFit Tel Aviv, Kikar Atarim. I also am able to train women around the Shoham/Yehud/Petach Tikva area


( CrossFit Tel Aviv, Kikar Atarim: Sundays and Wednesdays 10-6pm
Shoham/Yehud/Petach Tikva area: Mondays and Tuesdays 10-6pm )


Cost: 250/hour

Group Training Options:  2 types of group training

Option #1: Large group training - Women's Strength and Conditioning (not postpartum specific)

Location: Kikar Atarim

Times: 9am Sundays and Wednesdays

Single Cost: 70 NIS for one class
Packge Cost: 400 shekels/month (8 sessions) or 250 for one session per week

Option #2: Small group training - pre- and post-natal. 2-4 women

Location: Kikar Atarim

Times:  Subject to availability

Costs:  2 people: 150 each.

             3 people 110 each.

             4 people 100 each. 


** prior to joining any group classes (both large and small), it is imperative to come in for an initial assessment 1-on-1.   This is to ensure that classes are suitable for the trainee's level, and to provide an opportunity for you to learn the techniques you need for the classes so as to integrate smoothly into the group.




    250.00 ₪Price

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