Sarah-Devorah-"Women's fitness, balance and strength training""

"Sarah Devorah is amazing, caring, and understanding, helps you work at your own pace. friendly, you feel like a good friend wants to help not an enemy. She shows you that your goals are accomplishable and helps you succeed. Full of spunk and energy, smiles and simcha. I looked so forward to her coming to start off my week."





Women’s Trainer: Personal Trainer (HIIT/Functional training, Pre and Post Natal, Strength training, Moving meditation and balance)

Massage Therapist (LMT) – Medical Massage


Location: Jerusalem, Shaar Binyamin, Binyamin Settlements, Maale Adumim



My original interest in exercising was as a teenager to build muscle and lose weight.  I started running, swimming, aerobics. Nothing gave me more joy than my first full pushup.


As the years progressed I trained as a massage therapist, enjoying watching the relaxation of muscles and the relieving of pain.  I have continued exercising over the years and started to give my massage clients exercises and stretches to help them relieve the muscles that I had relaxed.


In time I started to take continuing education courses many of which crossed the line between massage and rehab exercises. Each new course adds to the knowledge that I have to share with my clients.  I enjoyed teaching my clients functional exercises which would help them strengthen their muscles and alleviate their pain.  I soon took a personal trainer course and started working more seriously with clients to strengthen themselves for their day to day challenges, whether it be carrying babies, groceries, or even just balancing themselves.


My greatest joy is watching my clients realize that it’s NOT how much time they spend exercising which is important, but doing the right exercises to make their lives better.


I specialize in:

·        HIIT/Functional training

·        Pre and Post Natal

·        Strength training

·        Moving meditation and balance

·        Medical Massage


Personal training or massage 1hr

·        Flexible availability - Cost 200nis


Small Group session (2-4 ppl) - Cost 250nis


Personal Training and massage packages 1 ½ hr

·        in clients home or Shaar Binyamin

·        Flexible availability

·        250nis for individual session, 4 sessions for 800nis


 "I am an 80 year old woman who does not like physical exercise, but my children decided that it would be very beneficial for my health, so they asked Sarah Devorah to see if she would try to help me out.  We have been training together for two years (now twice a week), and though I still don’t like physical exercise per se, I do enjoy the sessions with Sarah Devorah.  We’ve worked on balance, coordination and strengthening my arms and legs and I’ve shown great improvement.  She has been very encouraging in my efforts to lose weight and to walk at least ½ hour every day. She has a very pleasing personality and I feel we both enjoy spending time together." Sheila



"Although I never enjoyed exercising, Sarah Devorah made it fun and productive...her professionalism and personality combined made our time together a highlight of my week." Shan

    200.00 ₪Price
    Private Packages

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