Find a Trainer in short:

The trainers of today need to keep up with the fast-paced modern world of online marketing and business management, whist simultaneously keeping up with their clients training schedule.


Find a Trainer is designed to do all your promotion, publicity and advertising in a professional manner, leaving you more time to train more clients.

With our system,all you have to do is send in your details and we will find you the clients. Just remember, each client is potentially worth approximately 10-15K/year so please take each lead seriously. 

We will be providing you with a series of clients and when you are fully booked, simply notify us and we will adjust your profile appropriately so that you are not overwhelmed with new clients.


Please note that you can opt in and opt out of this platform at anytime.

Our mission is to create a community of top class, quality trainers who not only lift the standard of training in Israel but who also stand out as experts in their field.

We are not just a platform for the introduction of new clients. We will bring together a community of trainers, who will have exclusive access to our up coming health and fitness events, seminars, networking opportunities and social gatherings.

Our web platform will also provide quality health and lifestyle information in our knowledge is power blog. This plays a dual role of educating our client community as well as proving another promotional platform for our trainer community.  


The content on this site will be monitored by our Board of Advisors who are highly respected professionals in various associated fields however we are always open to trainer feedback on any blogs or posts. 

Looking forward to being in touch and welcome aboard,


Juliet Vesely     

B.Sc (University of NSW, Australia)

Managing Director

Find a Trainer

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